Date(s) - 22/11/2017 - 24/11/2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm


CTT Practitioner Certification course   ( 20% discount for UK Values Alliance Members)
Working with Culture Transformation

Culture is becoming one of the most important issues for leaders today, as they grapple with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing landscape. Whether its managing risk, responding to changing legislation, adapting to new technologies and marketing channels, organisational growth or navigating new markets; companies are realising that creating cultures that are responsive, agile and values-driven a source of sustainable competitive advantage.

The CTT Practitioner course will equip you to grow your competence and confidence in initiating and leading personal and collective cultural transformation and values-based leadership development.

The 3 day Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) course, is built upon extensive international expertise of leading organisational transformation and contains real life business cases, dialogue workshops, personal development, challenging exercises and accompanying support materials.

The course will be led by Faiza Khokhar and Joy Rees. Faiza is an experienced Business Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator with over 17years of experience in helping organisations and leaders flourish as they navigate significant transitions. Joy, has significant experience managing changes to technology and driving collaboration across global teams.

Joy and Faiza have spent the last six years supporting the development of a whole-system transformation at Old Mutual, a £13.7billion international investment, savings, insurance and banking group with over 16million customers worldwide. Their work has involved a embedding a values-driven culture where trust and customer are at the heart of the organisation’s purpose.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for coaches, consultants, HR Practitioners, leaders and change agents who would like to become certified users of the CTT tools. The course will empower you in your role as a change agent and provide you with practical methods and approaches to lead cultural transformation with your clients. The course applies both to beginner and an experienced practitioners.

Additionally, we will provide post-training support to help get you started with setting up, organising, interpreting and presenting your first Cultural Values Assessments.

If you’ve already attended a CTT Foundation course (CTT Part 1), then it is still very valuable for you to attend all 4 days of this course. Although some of the CTT Foundation elements are similar, the training itself has a different approach to learning and is much more practical and experiential.

This a qualifying programme and certifies participants to use the Barrett Values Culture Transformation Tools including an organisational culture survey, a team diagnostic and a leadership 360 and an individual values assessment.

Additional Description


Day 1: focuses on what a values-based approach to culture is all about. We work with our own personal consciousness and motivations as leaders, and learn more about the 7 Levels of Consciousness model. Taking a systemic lens we look at how to achieve sustainable whole system change.

Day 2: understanding our own values and how they influence our work, we introduce the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and how to read and use it for self-development and coaching. Moving from indivdual to group we a gain practical experience on how get the most out of a Cultural Values Assessments (CVA), and how to move into actionable results with a team.

Day 3: addresses organisational culture and using the tools to understand how to work with sub-cultures, effectively support mergers and acquisitions as well as using the tools for leadership development and coaching. We also cover the creation of vision and mission statements (the direction) and, finally, we cook everything together into a comprehensive and practical plan for creating values/cultural transformation.

To support your practice, you are offered two assessment (IVA and SGA or LDR). Of course, all course materials and PowerPoint files will be shared with you. In addition delegates will receive a free follow-up coaching session with Faiza or Joy to support your transformational work.

Price: £2700

The minimum number of participants is 5 and maximum 16.


Date : 22-24 November  2017, London

Facilitator: Faiza Khokhar and Joy Rees

Contact: Tel: 07966031696 or  Tel – 07982221924

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