World Values Day this year is on 18 October 2018. The annual campaign has grown massively since the first one in 2016 and is supported by many prominent bodies such as the RSA (Royal Society for Arts), CIPD, the UK Values Alliance, PwC and Co-Operatives UK, and dozens of others from all over the world. Last year the campaign reached over 60 million people in over 100 countries, with activities ranging from big conferences and organised events to countless individual acts of kindness and humanity.

The main theme this year is about values in the community, and how with even one small action we can begin to make a difference.

It’s easy for everyone to get involved in World Values Day and make a difference in their own communities – by themselves or with families, friends or colleagues – in four simple steps:

  1. Choose a community – it might be where you live, study or work, or a community based on faith, sport or other common interest. Or a virtual community.
  2. Choose a value that’s really important for that community.
  3. Take an action to put that value into practice in a way that makes a positive impact on the community (keep it as simple and practical as you can; involve others as much as possible).
  4. Share it. Take a selfie using the WE VALUE…” template and share on social media using the hashtag #WorldValuesDay. Add a fun photo, video, gif or boomerang to your post!

There are plenty of tips and ideas available for those who would like some inspiration on what to do on the World Values Day website. Have a look at the Values Guides  IndividualsOrganisations, Community Groups and Schools. Community groups or organisations might like use our resource pack on how to hold a Community Dialogue, or they could find out about the Values Challenge, our one hour values refresher course.  Or try a Street Values community walk, or just random acts of kindness.

There is something for everyone to do to bring their own most important value to life and begin to change the world.

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World Values Day is held every October on the third Thursday of the month. The objective is to raise awareness of values around the world, and to highlight the crucial role of values in the well-being of individuals, families, schools, organisations and communities.

Since the first World Values Day in October 2016 the increase in interest and participation has been phenomenal. In 2017 potential reach across social media rose to more than 60 million people across over 100 countries around the world.

While the UK Values Alliance remains the driving force and main organiser behind the project, around 80 other organisations have joined us to support the Day. These include the RSA (the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), the international banking network Global Alliance for Banking on Values, the Swedish World Values Initiative and Values Academy, Action for Happiness, CIPD, Co-operatives UK, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and a range of organisations and community-based groups in the UK and other countries.

On the Day itself, these groups and organisations are joined by many hundreds of thousands of engaged individuals across the UK and around the world.

The Values Challenge was launched in 2017and immediately became one of the most exciting elements of World Values Day. It is a highly focused one-hour session devised jointly by the UK Values Alliance in collaboration with the Forward Institute, the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which individuals, community groups and organisations of every kind can download and run for themselves on or around World Value Day. It is especially aimed at organisations or groups which may have a clear statement of values but where these values are not really being fully practised on a daily basis – which in reality, of course, means practically everywhere.

RSA animation for the Values Challenge

Engagement at the individual level is the key to the success of the Values Challenge, as well as for World Values Day as a whole, and social media are crucial way of securing that engagement. The Alliance and other organisational and individual supporters of the Day have produced many excellent resources to help this part of the campaign.

Our partners the RSA generously produced one of their superb animations to a voiceover by Simon Sinek especially for the inaugural Values Challenge.  The Alliance itself produced another video which also proved highly popular  –  a humorous two-minute movie Don’t be Like Dick made especially for World Values Day featuring a values speaker who fails to live his values.


Don’t Be Like Dick

Another theme that is very central to World Values Day is values in education, and one of the  most popular activities here is the Human Values Foundation story competition where children write imaginatively and inspiringly about their favourite value.

Human Values Foundation’s Story Competition

The 2017 World Values Day also saw the first Values-based Education’s Schools Conference in London.

Values-based Education’s Schools Conference in London

The events and activities taking place on World Values Day were spread across many countries. They included “Closing the Values Gap”, an interactive conference/workshop, jointly organised in London by the UK Values Alliance, Peakon and the Employee Engagement Alliance.

“Closing the Values Gap” London Conference 2017

The Alliance was also involved in jointly organising a very successful all-day reflective workshop on values at the Global Retreat Centre outside Oxford (with the Brahma Kumaris), and a virtual Values Café involving participants from around the world (with David Gurteen Knowledge).

The Alliance provided speakers to other values events on or around the Day, including an evening conference in London, and the very first values event to be held in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Values Conference, Sofia

The date for the next World Values Day is now confirmed as 18th October 2018.

Get involved

There are a number of ways in which you can be involved to suit your own situation (reason for involvement, level of interest, time available, skill set, network etc).

Take action

You can take action on your own or with other people and how you do this is up to you. Perhaps you have a great idea already and there are many others at  if you are in need of inspiration. Do let us know what you are planning, so we can share with others.

Spread the word

The success of the 2016 and 2017 World Values Days was greatly assisted by activity on social media. Create your own values-based posts using #worldvaluesday or share posts, articles and tweets from us. Links to our social media feeds are below.


World Values Day is largely coordinated by volunteers and there is a wide range of roles you could volunteer for as an individual or an organisation. We need help with:

Social media
Partner/sponsor development
Website maintenance and development
Public relations
Relationship management

If you are able to support or help in any way, or have ideas or contacts you would like to share, please contact us at the UK Values Alliance at or the World Values Day team at

Thank you.