The next World Values Day is Thursday, 19th October 2023. For more information on the campaign see

World Values Day was established by the UK Values Alliance as an annual campaign in 2016. While the UK Values Alliance remains the main driver and organiser of World Values Day, it does so in collaboration with over 100 other like-minded organisations who help and support the campaign around the world.

To date World Values Day has reached over 260 million people in over 100 countries around the world through social media channels. Hundreds of groups and organisations take part, often holding internal events or activities that help reaffirm their personal, group or organisational values.

There are many ways that individuals can get involved. They can make an effort to act on a value that is important to them either on their own or in a group, or take part in organised activities within a workplace, school or college, or join others in an online event or activity.

For the last few years many of the World Values Day public events have been held online, and most of these are gathered together each year to form the Valuesthon, a rolling all-day programme that runs from early morning in New Zealand through the Asian, Indian, African, European and American time zones to close the day on the West Coast of America. In 2022 there were 47 events in the programme, exploring values from all kinds of different perspectives, and the number has been growing each year.

Many helpful free tools and resources are available on the World Values Day website, including the Values Challenge, a ready-made workshop developed in 2017 by the UK Values Alliance in partnership with the RSA, PwC and the Forward Institute which can be used by all kinds of organisations to refresh their values. This resource is easy to use and ready-to-go. It consists of a manual and slide deck, which are updated each year according to the theme of that year’s campaign; there are special adaptations for Community Groups and Schools.

To get an idea of the scale, diversity and depth of World Values Day go to or take a look through some of the World Values Day Reviews below, which give key facts on each year’s campaign together with lots of photos of all kinds of events and activities around the world.

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