The UK Values Alliance launched the Wake Up To Values project on 20.2.14. The project is aimed at putting values at the heart of the UK society. Click here to download the brochure.

To test the concept and the content of the workshop sessions, a pre-pilot was run with Apex Works, based in Leicester. Apex Works is an organisation that helps people get into work who may have had difficulties preventing them securing employment.

The first session in the project laid the foundations for the rest of the pre-pilot. Project participants learned about the UK Values Alliance and its purpose, the aim of the Wake Up To Values project and details of the pre-pilot’s 4 sessions taking place between February and May 2014.

All 4 sessions as well as the 3 and 6 month reviews are now complete. The staff and volunteers at Apex Works worked with an agreed plan to continue living and working based on their selected core values. The CEO of Apex Works and the facilitator of the pre-pilot were in regular contact to ensure the Wake Up To Values approach continued to support the success of the organisation in the months and years ahead. Apex Works has confirmed that the project was a great success in raising their awareness of values and helping them put theirs into action each day. They found their participation in the project so helpful and inspiring that they added reference to it, and the short video made during the sessions, to their website –

Following the pre-pilot, the Wake Up To Values first pilot was carried out at CareWatch, an organisation looking after those in need in the Lewisham and Southwark areas of London. Again, feedback from participants confirmed this pilot was another success. Carewatch staff prepared an impressive list of actions to ensure the learning from the pilot continued. As with Apex Works, Values Champions were appointed to support the ongoing work. The 3 and 6 month follow-ups have taken place.

On 12.12.14, the second pilot began with senior representatives from Housing Associations across England focused on determining the values, behaviours and actions that would positively impact the Housing Sector. As before, this pilot was facilitated by a member of the UK Values Alliance. Again, this pilot has been received with enthusiasm by participants and has the support of the Housing Diversity Network and the National Housing Federation (NHF). The 3 month follow up took place in July 2015 and a meeting to have a further follow-up is currently being considered. There is the potential for this pilot to have a significant impact on many more Housing Associations throughout the sector.

The current pilot is underway at Broadfields Primary School in Edgware, Middlesex with around 70 participants, the largest pilot to date. Session 3 of 4 was completed on 9th November 2015 and the fourth session is scheduled for 30th November. Owing to the size of the pilot, other members of the UK Values Alliance have assisted with the sessions and we are appreciative of the input they have given.

Video recordings of all the pilots, including interviews with participants, will be posted on You Tube as soon as they are finalised. These will be helpful to future pilots and to the future media campaign. There is also a 3rd Party Impact Assessment questionnaire, prepared by Leicester University, being completed at pilots. Such independent assessments will help ensure the Wake Up To Values project is run in line with its aims and objectives and allow independent feedback on the project from participants.

The Wake Up To Values project is gaining impetus and making a positive impact on members of society. We plan to run a further pilot in the private sector and are currently seeking an organisation for this. We are being supported in our search by a member of hte UK Values Alliance, however if you know of an organisation that may like to take part in this project, or sponsors who may be willing to support it, please contact for more information.

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