Date(s) - 17/05/2024
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm


The purpose of this inquiry is to examine the issues raised by the Post Office scandal from a values perspective, and the lessons to be learnt for our society as a whole.

The emphasis will be on the lessons that we should learn from the behaviours of the people and organisations involved in this miscarriage of justice. It is not intended to be an inquiry into the facts of the case (which have by now been broadly established) nor will it be a finger-pointing exercise.

There will be a panel of speakers looking at the case from different perspectives and these will be considered and discussed by the attendees as a whole and in groups with the aim of achieving a better understanding the interaction of the conflicting values involved, and discovering useful lessons that will help us to avoid such catastrophic breakdowns of values in the future.

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This event is free for members of the UK Values Alliance but we would appreciate a modest donation from non-members to help us cover costs.

Zoom joining details will be sent to all registrants in good time ahead of the event. 

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