At last quarterly meeting of the UK Values Alliance, the focus was on our value of ‘Learning’. We introduced Street Wisdom as a way to experience a different kind of learning. It was a beautiful warm and blustery day in London as around 20 of us took to the streets. The river and streets around the Millennium Bridge proved to be a rich source of wisdom. Later in the afternoon when we gathered to share our experiences, we marvelled at how many people had come away with profound insights in response to a great variety of questions. It was very moving.

The description below is taken from the Street Wisdom website. You can find out more, including how to run your own event at

What is it?

Street Wisdom is an enjoyable, powerful and free way of using streets to learn something new.

How does it work?

It’s a simple idea, based on the proposition that the environment and people around us are full of wisdom we largely overlook or ignore. Street Wisdom allows us to tune into the rich stimulus and learn. As our strap line says – answers are everywhere – you just have to ask.

Who is it for?

It’s for anyone who has questions about their life and/or work and wants some fresh answers. It is relevant if you’re tackling a challenge in your working life, figuring out what’s next, struggling with the day-to-day stuff or seeking that inspirational breakthrough.

What’s the format?

Street Wisdom is a three hour experience designed to fit easily into a morning or afternoon. Weekday or weekend. It is structured in the three one hour sessions. which we call TUNE, ASK and SHARE. First our Street guides help you tune up your senses so you can pick up far richer information from the environment that you would normally.

Then you’re off on a journey by yourself – your street quest – where you ask your question and see what answers present themselves. It’s only an hour and you don’t have to go far – but it’s amazing what you can learn. In the final 60 minute session everyone gathers to share what happened and, more often than not, their wonder at how magical an ordinary street can become when you’re really aware of those hidden messages, chance meetings and unexpected discoveries.

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