Date(s) - 05/07/2024
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Join this mindful walk through the streets, observing the life around us, learning about ourselves, and finding answers to our questions.

This is a city walk with a difference. It is a wonderful way of transforming an ordinary walk into an enjoyable learning experience. By simply being present, alert, and observant, we find ourselves naturally exploring and learning more about our values as we take in what’s around us in the street.

Our Values Walk is adapted from the Street Wisdom walks which have been taking place for many years all around the world. Thousands of people have taken part in this social adventure which is open to anyone to host and lead themselves.

It’s a simple idea, based on the Street Wisdom proposition that the environment and people around us are full of wisdom that we largely overlook or ignore. We tune into the rich stimulus and learn all that latent wisdom. The answers are everywhere – you just have to ask.

Who is it for? It’s for anyone who has questions about values in their life and/or work and wants some fresh answers, need to tackle a challenge, figure out what’s next, or find that inspirational breakthrough.

When we did this exercise about 5 years ago (and again one year ago) we were all amazed at how powerful our experiences were. When we shared them afterwards we found that we’d had our questions answered in many unexpected ways…the name on a passing river boat, an overheard conversation in a shop, a street sign catching the eye, someone smiling at us.

We’ll be exploring our values together once again in person, in the fresh air, with plenty of opportunity to catch up and swap notes afterwards, and for those that want to stay on for some gentle socialising, maybe a tea, a coffee or a cool drink.

Please join us at this free event organised by the UK Values Alliance.

We will be gathering at 4pm on Friday 5th July in central London. Our likely starting point is near the Millennium Bridge, just south of St Paul’s Cathedral outside the entrance to Cafe 101, on St Peter’s Hill by the corner of Queen Victoria Street EC4V 4EH. The café is open until 4pm in case you might like to arrive early and enjoy some refreshments. We may consider changing the starting point nearer the day, but it will still be a central London location with easy access to underground and other transport facilities, and we will give plenty of notice.

The Values Walk exercise itself will take approximately 90 minutes and we’d love it if you can stay on for a little while after that in a nearby venue for some amiable swapping of notes, chatting and networking.

Non-members of the UK Values Alliance are warmly welcome. Bring a friend if you like. Just let us know who’s coming by registering via the link below.

Please register here for this free event.

For more information on Street Wisdom click here 

For more information on UK Values Alliance click here.

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