Imagine a workplace culture where there’s excitement in the air, where everything is done to enhance the customer experience, where innovation thrives and teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances, where your senior team works toward a shared vision of success, and where people genuinely care for one another, feel recognised and are supported within the organisation.
Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations provides an introduction of practical areas leaders and change agents can focus on to begin their cultural transformation journey.
Written by Tor Eneroth and Ashley Munday, this paper includes three brief case studies, an overview of the concepts and key learnings about transforming culture, and exercises to help you get started. 
They see it as a checklist which can help guide the first year or two of your cultural transformation journey.
Throughout the paper, there are active links to exercises and resources.  
While it was developed with larger organisations in mind, the contents can be helpful for organisations of all sizes. 
Of course, this is not the whole story as there are many ways to successfully work with your culture.  It is simply a starting point for those organisations interested in transforming their culture.  
Our hope is that it will give you the confidence and the tools to begin one of the most important and catalysing journeys in your organisation’s history.  
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