Tom Crompton of The Common Cause Foundation writes about research that reveals people across Greater Manchester attach particular importance to ‘compassionate’ values in this article on the Manchester Policy Blog:

Greater Mancunians are more likely to think it is important to be honest, kind and care about social issues than the average UK citizen, yet underestimate the importance that fellow citizens of the city region place on these values.

  • Commissioned before the terrorist attack on Manchester last week, the research offers further insight into the outpouring of compassion by the people of Greater Manchester, as witnessed nationally and internationally in response to the attack
  • 85% of citizens across Greater Manchester attach greater importance to ‘compassionate’ values than ‘selfish’ values – significantly higher than the UK average
  • But the survey also found that men and women across all boroughs, and of all ages, underestimate the importance that fellow Greater Mancunians place on ‘compassionate’ values. People who have this misperception about others’ values are less likely to be civically engaged, and less likely to feel responsible for their community

Read the full article here.

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